Making over is fun
Making over is fun

The coaching process invariably leads to a make-over of your draft communication. Be assured that it will be inspiring, interesting and fun. The outcome will be a piece that you are proud of.

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HKDSE Focus Group
HKDSE Focus Group

A new HKDSE English Focus Group will be launched in Yaumatei in collaboration with Hao Feng International Limited.

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Let the professionals help you
Let the professionals help you

Our English Coaches are qualified English Language instructors with undergraduate and postgraduate education in Teaching English as a Second Language plus a teaching qualification. They all have extensive teaching and coaching experience in higher education or corporate training.

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Our Core Businesses
Coaching on Writing

Quality writing is vital in most professions for career advancement.

Coaching on Giving Presentations

Getting your point across to your audience helps you achieve your purpose.

Coaching on Communicaton

Effectiveness in communication is the key to success.


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All your questions answered by our experts

During Coaching


Listen to the advice and raise doubts and queries frankly. Let the English Coach know what you want to say. This is the best way to ensure that the English Coach will be able to offer suggestions to suit your needs and purposes.

After Coaching


Hurray! Simple relax and send off your work to your target audience or get ready for your presentation. Be proud of it and look forward to the impact.

Before Coaching


Prepare your draft, be it a written piece or a script for public speaking. Use Word or Powerpoint as appropriate.