Frequently Asked Questions









1 How do I know I'm working with a professional language coach?

Our English Coaches all have detailed CVs which they produce for examination upon request. Many of them have their CV online, which means that you can check it out online before arranging for a coaching session.

2 How do I pay?

The English Coach accepts payment by cash or by cheque for all on-site services. For e-mail services, you will get a quotation first and then either bank-in at a local bank or pay via PayPal online. 





3 Do you go anywhere in Hong Kong?

Basically yes. But there will be a surcharge to cover the travelling expenses and time spent if your site happens to be outside of the metropolitan area and in remote areas. 





4 Do I have to wait long for arranging a coaching session?

That depends. We do have a pool of professionals and we do our best to fit YOUR schedule.






5 Do I get a receipt for my payment?

Yes, you do. operates under the management of Multimedia Communication Limited (MCL) and MCL will prepare the receipt.  





6 How am I charged for e-mail coaching/assistance?

For text-based documents, you are normally charged by the number of words. In general, review of corporate-level documents are charged at HK$2 per word, professional and academic writing at HK$1. A minimum charge of HK$500 applies. A quotation will be given when you send over to us the first draft.