We charge by the hour


Depending on the complexity and the level of sophistication of the communication, we adopt differnt hourly rates. The following general rules apply: 

Corporate // from HKD1,200/hour


Corporate or organisation level communication pieces like product brochures, press releases, annual reports, committee meeting papers and minutes, where an extremely high level of accuracy is expected for documents of a relatively complex structure and great length 


Professional // from HKD1000/hour​

Proposals, reports, statements, application letters, CVs, etc. that communication in the professional setting often necessitates. These documents often reflect on the person who prepares them. Quality communicaton can be a cruisal factor for career success. Professionals will not hesitate to have the documents polished for the best style and presentation, on top of total accuracy


Academic // from HKD800/hour ​ 

Research essays, academic papers, dissertations, theses, newspaper articles, anything for the level of undergraduate to post-graduate work, where you want to increase your competitive edge over your peers by polishing in terms of accuracy, coherence, development, diction, style and presentation



HKDSE Focus Group // from HKD1,500/hour/group ​ 

A small-group approach for developing all-round competencies to get prepared for the HKDSE examination in English Language, with capacity-building language tasks to help build language skills, enhance confidence, boost learning motivation and instill a positive learning approach



We accept payments by cash or PayPal


For all our on-site services, we accept cash or cheque payments. For e-mail services, you will get a quotation first and then either bank-in at a local bank or pay via PayPal. 


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