Professional conduct

We guarantee utmost professioanlism when our English Coaches do their coaching with you. They are proven to be sensitive to clients needs, doubts, and questions. Every minute of the coaching time will be best used to your advantage, ensuring that you will reap the most benefits in the session. 

Essence of Coaching

The essence of coaching is the English Coach asking you many many questions. He will help you articulate for example the purpose of your writing, or the meaning you want to express with a particular phrase. He will then be able to guide you along the path for discovering the best expressions to achieve your communication purpose. 

Confidentiality as top priority

For all on-site services, our English Coaches come on site and work with clients directly. When the outcome is achieved, we leave without taking away a scrap of paper. This ensures complete confidentiality. Information in the communication pieces reviewed will not be taken away from the site, let alone released to any other party.

Video: HKDSE English Focus Group — Animated eFlyer


Sample Learning Video: A Lesson on Gerund and Infinitive

(Courtesy of Anglo-Link)