On-site Coaching


We offer on-site coaching on English Language for improving any communication product. Be it an e-mail, a buesiness letter, a notice, a proposal, a report, an essay, web contents, or a statement of whatever nature that you want improved, we are ready to help. Our assistance will come in the form of an English Language expert, who incidentally is called the English Coach, working with you at your chosen site and the outcome will be an improved piece of communication ready for despatch or to be presented to the target audience. The coaching usually comes on a one-on-one or one-on-a few basis for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 

The Site

The Time

The Process

This is usually your workplace or your home, or your home-office. This is where you are working on your communication, preparing it for achieving your purposes.

Our English Coaches normally work during office hours. Special arrangements can be made to deliver on-site coaching in the evenings, or during weekends or holidays. 

Our English Coaches will read your draft communication and give you instant feedback on what possible problems there are and guide you to find a solution for improvement.

On-site Language Classes


Pre-designed or tailor-made sessions on the different genres of writing, e.g. Business Letter Writing, Proposals, Minute-writing for Meetings, or in other specific areas of English, like Collocations in Business Communication, Cliches in Business Documents, can be designed and delivered on demand. Charges are negotiable, depending on the topic and target audience. 

HKDSE Focus Groups


A dedicated team at EnglishCoachHK.com has made tremendous efforts designing a programme for a focus group on Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) English Language. This is a small-group approach for developing all-round competencies to get prepared for the HKDSE examination in English Language. Capacity-building language tasks designed with authentic materials make up the core activities of the group. The tasks do not just help build language skills, but also enhance confidence, boost learning motivation and instill a positive learning approach on the part of the learner. Each group meets for two hours a week engaging in interesting interactive learning activities. No more boring drills with sample exam papers, but working with the basics to help lay a concrete fundation upon which future successes will build.  Some of these groups are offered in collaboration with Hao Feng International Limited.  

English Language Review via E-mail


Another from of assistance we can offer is review via e-mail. You can send us your draft writing or PowerPoint presentation and we'll give you comments and suggestions for improvement by return mail. With this kind of service, developing "a dialogue" will not be as easy as in the on-site alternative, which has the distinct advantage of being highly interactive and instantaneous. We will do our best to provide clear and detailed comments in review mode and precise suggestions leading to revision and improvement. You can make revisions and add comments about what you really want to say and we will further help revise until you are happy with a final version. 

Free Online Diagnostic Test


Thanks to our partner site Varsity Tutors, we have made available a free diagnostic test for all those who plan or start to work with us. Please make sure you have about half an hour's time free and are away from distractions. Click the button below to take you to the test page and then click           Begin  to start the test. Be patient to complete all the 60 questions. You will get to see where you stand among all users taking the test, from all over the world, as well as where your room for improvement lies. The test is designed in such a way that strict privacy will be ensured. Only you will be able to view the results and analysis of your performance. You can, if you like, make screen captures of your performance data and discuss how to take forward an improvement plan with your English Coach.