Our Clients


Clients of EnglishCoachHK.com are mainly professionals at the managerial level. They come from small and medium-size enterprises as well as large multinational conglomerates. The following are some of the companies and organisations we recently served:

Hao Feng Investment College



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Mr K W Cheng

Managing Director 

Sunrise City Group

Before I used the services of EnglishCoachHK.com, I had never heard of language coaching. We are an interior design company and we deal with a great number of clients whose native tongue is English. To be honest, our staff were not that well trained in communicating with them and there were hiccups here and there. I invited a coach from EnglishCoachHK.com to offer help and he was able to help us improve our English-based documents hand-in-hand with us so that they now have become much more readable and presentable to our clients. This has certainly helped increase and improve business. The coaching services of EnglishCoachHK.com are unique. The best thing about them is that they work from our perspectives; they learn from us first and try to be one of us. Do try them out and your will see they make a difference. I am sure it's not easy to find similar services at such a high quality anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Mr Alex Chu


Hao Feng International Limited

We all know that English is important in Hong Kong and we all have wanted to do better in English. However, chances are we are all far too busy to pay attention to it, until one day when our English screwed up our business. That's too bad! I have had a few personal coaching sessions with EnglishCoachHK.com and have no hesitation in recommending their services to you. They are those who work with passion and offer you the best from the heart. Don't just believe me. Talk to them on your own. You will know they are superb. And they help.

Ms Evalyn Chan

Member of HKDSE Focus Group

St Peter's Secondary School

Joining this group has been a fairly different experience to me. Unlike other tutorial groups I attended, Bruce's lessons are very university-like: flexible teaching methods and extraordinary topics, which are rare in other tutorial classes, at least in my experience.

Ms Victoria Ng
Member of HKDSE Focus Group 
St Peter's Secondary School

I think what we are learning is really different from what we learn at school. We are not only learning how to deal with HKDSE, but we are also learning about REAL English. Nowadays, school teachers will only focus on HKDSE and I am glad that I am learning interesting and amazing things about the language in this group.